Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain/neck damage

I seem to recall there being a thread dedicated to retiring inter county stars, but can’t find it, if it exists. Anyway, we’ve had a fair few retirements this year. Post your memories and tributes to these giants of men who bestrode the fields of the two greatest sports in the world like the colussus’ theye were.

With apologies to Puke who noted this today, Brian McGuigan and Philip Jordan have announced their retirements from inter county football. That great Tyrone team is breaking up, has Dooher retired yet?

McGuigan at his best was the perfect No.11, a class act. His ball retention was excellent. Jordan also a fine player for a long period, even if he struggled near the end and teams targeted him with very physical half forwards.


Jordan and McGuigan were tremendous servants of Tyrone, and Harte as well for that matter. Tremendous underage players who have been on the mill for nigh on 16-17 years now. They owe nothing and I hope they enjoy a few more years with the club and an enjoyable retirement. Tyrone were the only side who could put it up to that second golden era Kerry side and made the 00’s what the hugely enjoyable decade for gaelic football what it was.

To even call the Kerry team of the past 10 years golden is an insult to a far superior real Golden era team. They were a very good Kerry team, but not a great team.

Agree on the 00’s though, great football decade. Generally a poor Hurling one though.

6 All Ireland titles in 14 years with 4 further All Ireland appearances in that period, in the most competitive era in the game is worthy of being called a second golden era, never claimed which era was better. There was no insult.

Those Kerry Tyrone finals were utterly superb games. The last few winners would have nowhere near the quality of those sides.

[quote=“caoimhaoin, post: 630815”]
McGuigan at his best was the perfect No.11, a class act.[/quote]

Class act, who came back from a very serious eye injury and a terrble double leg break which would have finished a lot of players

I’d like to wish Henry Shefflin well in his soon to be announced retirement from inter county hurling.

Two great players Jordan and McGuigan

I really liked McGuigans play as a centre forward. Same style as Greg Blayney and Trevor Giles.

Jordan did the business at wing back for years.

Agree totally, Giles and Blaney were awesome players.

You can’t go back to 97 for fuck sake.

Forget it, you’re one of those people who wish they were from Kerry, ye are harder to argue with than the natives themselves. Any i know don’t rate this team anywhere near the great team of 75-86. Other teams of the same era (Armagh, Galway & Tyrone in particular) gave performances as good as anything this Kerry team have, but none of them were as good as aforementioned Kerry team.

Why cant you? The Golden Era goes back to to 75 when Kerry didnt win again until 78 and dominated the next 10 years. Kerry won in 97 and won again 2000 and dominated the next ten years. Its pretty straightforward really. And again, I’m not comparing era’s, just calling both of them Golden Era’s for the county, which they were. Not sure what your confusion is.

Massive changes from 97 to 01, which is when this team really started. 75-86 had a large number of the same players. Its clearly defined era, where as since 97 is very mixed up.

This Kerry team is Galvin, Donaghy, Tom Sullivan etc. The Hassets etc were playing in 97, which was the weakest Kerry “team” ever to win an A-I in my time.

Don’t think Donaghy played till 06 for what its worth

Liam Hassett is an incredibly underrated footballer.

He was a fine player, didn’t have the skills of say a Declan O’ Sullivan, but i would argue he had the temperament some of the present day lads don’t. But on your point, i didn’t think he was under rated, i think he is well feted.

Mac - You are correct, i think. He certainly didn’t make his mark till that year.

There’s not many out there that have the skills of a Declan O Sullivan.


Ya, but many with a better temperament.

I find it amusing to see a Cork man and a Laois man arguing over on the legacy of various Kerry teams in a thread about the retirement of two good Tyrone footballers!