Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Nothing to do with him being one of Davy’s pets and the new management reducing his playing time…


Very good insight from Bugler there. I know the current Clare management have won underage titles but they come across as a pair of lads more suited to taking a group of transition year students on a retreat than looking after a senior inter-county team.


He was a savage tennis player in his youth too. A sound enough lad. Himself, @Cesc4 and Burgers Smith (cc @Bandage) had many battles on the mean streets of Wexford Harbour Boat & Tennis Club and Hillbrook Lawn Tennis Club.


David Redmond with the obligatory GPA statement thanking the world and their mother for his inter country career :roll_eyes:


Who’d he be now?


Very good question


I’ve yet to make a poor post on this forum.


Agreed, you can only dream of reaching such a relatively lofty standard.


You’re on fire these past two days mate. Its a serious high point for you.


Bugler was playing on a team with 7-8 defenders and a 1-man full-forward line for three years. Conor McGrath on the 65. Tony Kelly in his own half-backline. Didn’t have a problem with it. But letting Cork take short puckouts last year was too much for him apparently.


Not Munnelly
Not Hyland


Some goalie is the longest serving GAA player, if you count goalies that is.


Not a goalkeeper


Am i missing something here…What age would he have went to good counsel at? 12?..


he would have been 13 starting there in 1994. There was always a few from Arklow and that direction who boarded in the school when they had that.


Surprised its highlighted to be honest. . Would 12 13 be a disadvantage starting playing Gaelic football back then ? …i’d never of thought so…if anything i thought it would be the perfect age…I knew plenty of lads that made Dublin teams who didn’t really commit to gaa until they moved over from soccer at 15/16…at a lot of the time they were a much smarter players…


it wasnt a case of committing to it, it was a case of never playing it. I suppose the point being that Wicklows now longest serving player would never have played football if he had not went to school miles away in Wexford.


Fair enough. as far as sports go I’d consider Gaelic football would be one of the easiest to survive at a high level without having a full grasp of basic skills…


wouldnt disagree with that. I suppose the other way of looking at it is that this need to get kids in as early as possible is not a necessity either. Plenty have come in late and been fine players.


On the topic. .who should we have the greater respect for - the guy who fights tooth and nail to stay on the dubs panel for say 5 years where the competition is fierce and standards are so high . .or the guy who plays for say monaghan for 8 years who have a much smaller pick which means that you have better chance of being kept around and allowances will more likely be made to keep you involved?. The old saying it’s hard get on the county panel but even harder to get off it!..