Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Graham Canty retiring from club football is newsworthy according to the 42


Tipperary’s Ryan O’Dwyer finishing up with Dublin.


Good player, cost Dublin big time getting sent off in 13 against Cork, they’d have won the All Ireland that year


A fucking eejit who was always a liability and it came home to roost that day.

Conor O’Mahony used to give him plenty of timber when marking him. He seemed to have a particular dislike towards him

Could have been a useful asset, but instead seemed to always find trouble on the field


He found it off field too over in England that time.


He was having a great year in 13 if I remember correctly and was doing well against Cork, I’ve convinced myself that Dublin would have won it out that year, they were getting on top against Cork and would have won, think they’d have beaten Clare as well, one of the big what ifs?


Ah that was a random enough attack from what I heard about. Felt very sorry for him there


Yep. I’m in agreement there. Think they would have won that semi with 15 and were defensive enough to take care of Clare


This is one of these great myths. They’d never have won. Cork were a better team


I really don’t believe they would, I had some of the best seats in Croke Park that day, I remember the game very well, Dublin had Cork on the ropes




so had clare last sunday


That’s that settled. Everyone else run along.


yean can remember a league game or two where the tipp backs didn’t spare him

the person each side of me turned and said to me after he got his first yellow v cork that he will get a 2nd before the day is out , surely he should have been subbed?


Of course mate, I’m only guessing here,
You guys :grinning:


Where your seats were is immaterial to what the result would have been, you numpty


Ya mate, that ones been done.
I have more vivid memories of that game than I would of most others, unlike some guys here I don’t really recall the events of a lot of games I’ve been to years ago, (sometimes I even think fellas are cheating :astonished:) but I remember bits of that one and a very strong feeling that we got away with murder, I’m pretty sure that the feeling in Mulligans after was nearly all the same,
Now none of this can be proven but this is typical TFK :smiley:


I hear there’ll be a testimonial game versus Tipp in his honour. He’ll spend one half trying to get sent off for Tipp and the other half trying to get sent off for Dublin


He was an inspiration to all Limited Hurlers who wanted to play IC and who like receiving stitches in every game.


O’Dwyer always struck me as a bit of an eejit (typical, he’d have his best ever game against us in Thurles in 2011) but when he got sent off against Cork in 2013 the Dubs were a point up with 20 mins left. The game was on a knife edge, it definitely cost Dublin but who knows, they may have lost anyway. The sending off definitely confirmed they’d be beaten anyway. One red card that James Owens got right.