Ridiculous items for sale on Wish.com

A tread dedicated to the bizarre items advertised by Wish.com on FB

This thread has great potential.

The wish adds you see are based on your internet searches etc.




Yeah I say TFK and dickhead come close

Busted :grin::grin::grin:.You fuckin deviant.

Some fellas on here could do with one of these. Only question is can it go in the dishwasher?

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Time for a rebrand and put this shambles behind you .


You sick deviant bastard!! Your name says it all :tired_face:


They’ll see your posting on TFK too mate.


The cunts are worse than Santa Claus

To help get through lockdown

What’s that?

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Appears to be a fleshlight of some description

Oh, NSFW to google fleshlight.

Real fakes hands. Great for a personal greeting during coronavirus

You’d never guess this lad is from Cork.