Ridiculous sportspersons names


[FONT=Verdana]I received an email off Ball Ox recently with a link to a Hall of fame baseball player with a completely ridiculous name.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana] [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Can anybody think of anymore?[/FONT]


Bum Phillips - retired American Football coach and father of current Dallas Cowboys coach, Wade Phillips.

America will be a harvest for stupid names alright.

Eddie Rocket - Waterford senior footballer and scored the goal in their victory against Carlow yesterday.


Loads of football ones:
-Danny Invincible
-Danny Shittu
-Dexter Blackstock
-Collins John

GAA ones:
-Frank Sex (plays in Kildare somewhere)

I have heard surnames called Topless, Honeybun and Darling not belonging to sport stars but just in general which I think deserves a mention.

PS - Jugs be careful if you are posting in this thread!


I decided to browse around that Baseball website and found another stupid one in about 20 seconds. Cheif Bender


There’s an American golfer called Brian Gay. Any time his name is mentioned on TV coverage I laugh a lot. Dean Windass is another one.


Danny Grewcock…


Gareth Jellyman - lower league footballer in England.

I was reading an interview with the superb Jeff Stelling a while back and he said he thought of a pun about him when he was doing his research for Soccer Saturday one particular week but he only got to use it about 2 years later.

I can imagine how giddy he got when it appeared on the vidiprinter on the Saturday in question that Jellyman had received a red card. Quick as you like, Stelling chirps in with, ‘Jellyman sent off - must have thrown a wobbly!’


I spotted another thread on a forum I was on today and found this one. Good god, someone is taking the piss



Did Stephen Hunts other other brother ever make it in football? First name Mike…


i believe their mother calls him michael…lad up the road from me is actually called mike hunt…poor bastard…


Patriots corner back from last year, now with Bucs, Randall Gay. Or Randy to his friends.


Decent club hurler from Enniscorthy called Pat McGee


Another Saracens guy yesterday was called Cencus Johnson or something.


Lars Bender scored the opening goal for Germany earlier in the final of the European U-19 championship.


Fatima Whitbread


Coco Crisp is just batting now for the Red Sox now against the Yankees


Redmond Barry


Think there was a female runner called Ulrike Mayfart when I was a sprog


Rafael Sheidt.


I think Bolt is a class name for a sprinter.

Henrik Larsson.