Ridiculous sportspersons names

he’ll never let in more than 4…

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No.27 :joy:


Fair play to Alan Kelly double jobbing. Tipps finest

He’s the fella that used to play for Fulham

Ah so it is…Aboubakar Kamara

He chose to wear the number 47 so that his initials and number would match [AK-47]

That’s him. Had a shot like an AK47 as well, spraying them everywhere.

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Apparently the K is pronounced, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Barry Dan O’Sullivan black carded for Kerry here.

Kerry has been traditionally good for ridiculous double christian names.


Open to correction but think it’s a family nickname to distinguish from other Sullivans ala Pat “Simon”

The Combine is always good for a few of these

Penn State DL Chop Robinson

Alexander Doom. Begian 400 metre runner


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Cavan Sullivan.