Ridiculous sportspersons names


Michael Hickenbottom


Billy Twelvetrees fella tearing Ospreys asunder today for Leicester.


lord, he has a fair bad name, some player though

  1. Danny Shittu, Watford FC soccer player.

  2. Craphonso Thorpe, Colts receiver.

  3. Golden Johnson, welterweight boxer

  4. Gaylord Perry, legendary pitcher, another great player who washed up with a Seattle sports franchise

  5. Richard Johnson, soccer midfielder in Australian A-League, possibly works under Dick Johnson.

  6. Chien-Ming Wang, you darn well know why.

  7. Nicky Butt, Newcastle soccer star.

  8. David Seaman, former England and Arsenal goalkeeper.

  9. Jack Glasscock, former major leaguer.

  10. Dick Wantz, former major leaguer, reverse the name, and who before Wantz.

  11. Harry Colon, ex-defensive back for the Lions, difficult to complete.

  12. Johnny Dickshot, former baseball player

  13. Dean Windass, former Middlesbrough FC forward.

  14. Pull Dickoff, Former West Ham United soccer player.

Of course, they’re all good, but none of them can ever beat…

  1. Rusty Kuntz, former baseball player.


Some lad called Goodwilly plays for some Scottish club.


Hugo Hogan of St Marys.


Willie Colon. What makes this worse is that he plays Offensive Tackle for the Steelers.


Try pronounce this one:
Michael Hoomanawanui.

The ESPN commentator reckons there’s 7 syllables in the surname.
I can only get 6. Who-man-a-wa-nu-i

Anyway, he scored 2 TDs for the Rams tonight against the Patriots.


Bacarri Rambo


Some fella after coming on for Villa called Herd


ESPN baseball commentators very impressed with Antonio Bastardo


Rod Fanni just came on and was sent off for Marseille tonight


There was a Bender playing for Dortmund tonight.


Heino Kuhn just came into bat for South Africa. You could nearly have Hugh Heinz of him.


Basketballer Alonzo Gee


Banana Yaya.


This is like one of Flano & TASE’s GGA names.

Billy Twelvetrees will play for the England Saxons against the Irish Wolfhounds this weekend.

There’s so much wrong with that sentence I’m not sure where to start.


Aye, I think Billy has gotten a mention here before.


[quote=“Mac, post: 84098”]

Billy Twelvetrees
[/quote]sounds like something out of Goodfellas


Dicky Pride. Golf obviously. USA obviously.