Right Wing FFG Excuses Thread

Storm Ciara

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The people are ingrates
AppendagePat Spillane


Unemployment down to 4.5% and people feel they haven’t benefited.

The lefties will just shout and shout and shout.

I wish it was the 80s.

People think they are part of the housing crisis because they can’t buy a house in the area they grew up… . I’m sure most of the older generation of culchies living 40 + years in dublin never dreamed of living there but they got on with it and made a good life for themselves… Fcukin snowflakes…


The people are snowflakes

The snowflakes are the snowflakes

There was a rugby match on and there was no EPL

You’ve fellas dreaming up that Sinn Fein can deliver a united ireland. We’ve never been further away.

The people are dreamers

The first step is building an Ireland where people can live.

Dublin is so full they cant take any more culchies and the Dubs are spreading out as far as fucking tullamore. Anywhere with an accessible road within 2 hours of Dublin is like a satellite town for Dubs.

Young people are stuck at home or stuck paying dead money in rent.

But ya. Snowflakes


FFGs policy of acquire property or die trying would appear to have backfired on them somewhat


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The people have spoken, the bastards.

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Stick to the horses, they’re more on your wave length.

Myself and misses are from Northside we were given the opportunity of a house Southside d10 area we both jumped at it. It’s not where you live but how you live.

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