RIP - Celtic FC

Scottish Premier table
Sunday, 2 October 2011 14:42 UK P GD PTS 1 Rangers[/url] 10 19 28 2 [url=“”]Motherwell[/url] 10 0 19 3 [url=“”]Celtic[/url] 9 10 18 4 [url=“”]Hearts[/url] 10 5 15 5 [url=“”]St Johnstone[/url] 10 3 15 6 [url=“”]St Mirren[/url] 10 -1 12 7 [url=“”]Kilmarnock[/url] 10 -3 10 8 [url=“”]Dundee Utd[/url] 10 -5 10 9 [url=“”]Aberdeen[/url] 10 -3 9 10 [url=“”]Hibernian[/url] 10 -7 9 11 [url=“”]Dunfermline[/url] 9 -9 9 12 [url=“”]Inverness CT 10 -9 8

Celtic 10 pts behind the better side in Glasgow, Rangers and 1 point behind Motherwell. More impressively perhaps is the fact that they are a full 3 pts (yes 3 pts) ahead of the mighty St Johnstone and Hearts, who ironically broke Celtic’s hearts, with a facile 2-0 victory at the weekend. This shambles of a club should be closed down. A terrible team, a terrible man as a manager and some dirty journey men as players. Discuss.

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A typical uneducated ‘Celtic fan’ response mate. Any thoughts on why the club has fallen to pieces in recent seasons, under the management of Neil Lennon? By rights there should be no European football at Parkhead (not good enough to compete, unlike Shamrock Rovers) and Celtic will do well to finish 2nd in the SPL and play bridesmade to Rangers once more. Your thoughts?

We’ll be ok TTK - fear not mate.

We’re down at the moment but we’re a resilient bunch.

BTW, do you really believe FC Sion should have been allowed to play ineligible players.

Thanks for the response TDB, like most people I only watched Celtic in the Larsson era so it came as quite a surprise when I heard they were 10 points behind Rangers at such an early stage. I must say I feared the worst for a few moments but thanks for re-assuring me. No perhaps Sion shouldn’t have played those inelligable players but they beat Celtic easily. Celtic wouldn’t have got past Partizan Belgrade that’s for sure.

Close down a club because the first team are not performing well? It would be a rather unprecedented step indeed.

I think more light needs to be shed on this thread. Celtic FC currently trail Kilmarnock FC 3 goals to no goals after 45 minutes in the SPL.


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Celtic conceded three goals today and somehow the mighty Kilmarnock bottled it. Posters on this site were calling for the manager to lose his job. 10 points behind the proper side in Glasgow. Celtic FC are finished and can now be described as on par with a League 1 side in England. In fact I doubt Celtic would get promoted from League 1. The club is a shambles at the minute Tony.

Celtic’s problems have been recently discussed in a knowledgeable and constructive fashion in recent weeks by renowned posters.

This forum doesn’t need bullshit threads like this one.

Suggesting that the club may disband due to a bad run of form doesn’t quite come under what I would call knowledgeable and constructive discussion.


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