Rip Off Ireland - A thread for rip offs

Thanks boy,don’t know TBH,my sons place in Crossmaglen is not too far away from it,
but he’s not back from England till the weekend
And afaik my bro is worried about buying secondhand.
I’ll find out though and thanks.

Can’t say fairer than that. :+1: You’re a top lad in fairness. A courier might be the answer here.

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Thurles is only up the road,
I’ll end up driving to S Armagh for the shagging thing I reckon .
Thanks for the offer,
Are u up j down regular?

Jaysus lad, you can buy another one for that


No bother. Well if you want it collected, I can hold it for your lad in Cross to come get it.

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Appreciate it boy,big time
Won’t know what’s happening till tomorrow.
Either way thank you.

Madness isn’t it,but he needs the bloody light for that shagging NCT fairly pronto

Should never have bought the prick of a car in tbe first place,
His mechanic said when he saw it " your driving a grenade driving one of them fuckin yokes,just waiting for it to explode"

Thanks,passed that to him he’s like a dog
More money in parts ATM

Tell him buy the car and take one light and sell the other. :joy:

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Can’t say what he said when I suggested buying it🫣
Bit un PC even for here :slightly_smiling_face:

I fail to see what’s the problem here apart from him needing the light replacement.
I confess to having a Vauxhall Insignia, it starts, it goes, things work, what’s not to like.
Service it, change the oil and filters, tyres as needed, usual maintenance.
It goes, it’s economical, it’s not a flash yoke but you could get 5 square bales into the boot :+1:

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It’s a fancy version of it. Fancy lights

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My 2 mate’s have had nothing but hassle from day 1 with theirs,
Diesel particulate,key fell apart, emissions,litany goes on boxty ,

Oh yes and one of them couldn’t open the boot, anothers ignition system went ga ga

Four bedroom house in Kilkee for next week. €2500 average price.

I hope nobody takes them….

The “Limerick set” will splash out for sure.

We’ll happily mow the lawn at that price @Julio_Geordio :ok_hand:t2:

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Dingle Ice cream.

Three scooped cones, two small, one large, €34 all in.

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You’d get 2 adults and a child fed in FishBox for that

Think they have a set up in Kildare Village. Getting scalded by ice cream was very embarassing.

A Thiarna déan trocaire

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