RNLI scum

I want to involve my kids in the 1916 commemorations so I listened in to a Marion finnucane discussion on what was being planned. More fool me. Sounds like a glorification of free state cuntishness is being forced upon the people of Dublin. Heard one fucker explain how 2000 army navy and veterans would parade from Stephensgreen to gpo. Joining this group of paid soldiers who helped enforce partition and who fucked the state over for deafness compensation will be the members of our ‘blue light services’ who are probably being paid for their participation. I have some time do paramedics and I don’t share Maria cahills hatred for the forces of law and order (except for McCabe and the special branch) but I draw the line at lining the streets to pay homage to some cunts and their taxpayer funded dingys. I reside in a harbour town and can inform this forum that the RNLI are lickspittle loyalists who act as an AA service to wealthy yacht owners and owners of leisure craft and do nothing for the ordinary working seafarer.
Is this what the sons of roisin died for?
Once I receive the requisite 10 ‘signing in’ on this thread I will forward the thread to the RNLI asking them to withdraw from the 1916 commemorations or face the wrath of our rastool army.


I detest the cunts. The coastguard protect people on the sea.these dinghy floating bastards are a hindrance and quislings

Signing in


You sir are an absolute fucktard. I sincerely hope you are never in need of the free rescue services the RNLI provide this good land.


eh , the coast guard saves you if you are in trouble, not the rnli quislings

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Welcome Dav. It’s funny to think you joined especially to post that.

I am a member of the RNLI in Ireland. The RNLI rescue people at sea the coastguard do land/cliff based rescue. I would like to hear your point of view if you interviewed people who’s lives have been saved by the RNLI. It happens on a daily basis.


Welcome aboard Dav1. The quisling forelock tugging section is over there with @Tim_Riggins and @tallback


The coastguard barely have a boat - you’ll be a long time waiting for them to save you at sea.

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You are very welcome here. A seaman and a friend of Britain, a fine Irishman.

I’d sooner drown a proud Irishman than be fished out by agents of Lizzie Saxe-Coburg, esp today of all days.


Fuck off you hun cunt


I’d rather drown than be saved by your Black and Tan hands.


The RNLI do fuck all only fund raise. I’d like to see them get on their little rafts and I’d drop a coin in for them to slide down and fuck off.

I was going to say I’d like to see a set of their accounts but Im sure their mason friends do a job on them before they’re published.

Union Jack loving cunts.

The merchandise they sell in their centres is vomit inducing. Foreigners & bobbies working there too.

Pack of wankers.


Clearly a bunch of land lubbing keyboard warriors on here , why don’t u click on to some porn site and entertain yourself for a few hours !!!

Post reported.


I remember a couple of years back, we were fishing for plaice off Greystones when the boat broke down. The RNLI selflessly towed us all the way back to Poolbeg. A great bunch of lads.




Disgusting retort. I don’t know why you think that shit will fly around here.

Fair play @Dav1, you have all these lads sussed.

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