Road to Nowhere 2018


Was at the game in Poznan against Croatia in 2012.

They fairly played us off the park that tonight.


The Italians would buy the ref. Or FIFA would buy him for them.


Agreed about the Danes ability to handle our direct play. That new Chelsea defender is very strong in the air and they also have Kjaer and the giant Vestergaard chap who played against Celtic in the CL for BMG last season. That said, they don’t look all that great going forward. Bendtner still plays most of the games, I think. There could be mixed emotions for Thomas Delaney if we draw them.

I’d be okay with getting the Swiss. We owe them from back in the day too. I remember Mark Kinsella firing a water bottle into their dug out in a pivotal defeat away to them under Brian Kerr.


Are you staying up for the Argies tonight mate?


That Dolberg lad looks fairly handy for Ajax. They have a little black lad with loads of pace at Celta Vigo too.


There’s a striker called Poulsen I think, plays for RB Leipzig. Bit of a handful.


I’m an Argentine, so of course.


It will be interesting to see if Di Maria can carry his country to the WC tonight.


Chile to beat Brazil?


That’ll make two of us so mate


Any online bookies covering the games?


Not sure he’ll be starting mate, was hauled off at half time against Peru


No wonder they didn’t win. Di Maria and Mascherano carry that Argentine side on their shoulders.


Bet365 appear to be streaming it


When’s the last time you saw them play, mate?


Swiss look harmless .


The Swiss remind me of that Norway team who were, I think, number one in the world rankings in the 1990s.

They’re very limited. Rankings often lie.


Look at Wales. They massaged the rankings by not playing friendlies


For all the talk about wales at the last euros they still lost to that England team . They got to semis beating NI and a Belgian side that shat their togs . The odds last night were insane .


Absolutely, they had a cupcake group and they looked shit tonight.

There’s also the @mickee321/@Nembo_Kid principle regarding ethnically mixed teams to consider, they’d surely fall apart if we stuck it up to them.