Road to Nowhere 2018


Draw tomorrow.


This is our year




Fuck off with this soccerball shit and don’t ruin the board any further. It’s still the early stages of our beloved Gaa all Ireland 2015 series and way too soon to start waffling about some foreign cheating cunts getting paid to roll around the pitch.
Only reason I clicked into this thread was because I’ve a keen interest in civil engineering and thought we’d organised the finance to build a motorway to Russia or something like that.


I’ve ignored world football for the last year… Can someone please explain to me how Wales are in pot1? Thank you.


Wales, Slovakia and Norn Iron please


Planet of The Apes man.


Fuck sake. We wont even get third place for next year. Forget about it


What teams can’t we get?


We’re in pot 3, so Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Scotland etc.

Obviously I’m hoping for the weak teams from each pot so Wales or Romania from Pot 1, Iceland or Slovakia from Pot 2 and Eire or the Faroe Islands from Pot 4 would do nicely.


We’re in pot 4 mate. We are fucking useless.


What teams do we ideally want to get, pal? Wales, France, N. Iron ?


Rep of Oireland

We would walk



Sign me up.


Is this available live anywhere?


Putin is holding a gun in case it kicks off during Blatter’s speech


RTE2 sid



Sepp and Vlad… :thumbsup:


Not sure it gets any better than Alpe d’Huez in the blazing sun followed by President Blatter officiating at a World Cup draw.