Road to Nowhere 2018


He was some cunt, coming and going from international football as his mood changed.

A wanker.


Anyone who watches a game in a pub is a mug.


I checked the report of that Eire-Switzerland game in 2005. Duff didn’t play but Robbie Keane did. But Keane was replaced by Stephen Elliott after 65 minutes.

Anybody know whether this was this tactical or enforced? I can’t remember.


Tactical. Robbie was off form at the time but never should have been taken off. We never looked like scoring that day.


That’s mental. And some people tried to make out Brian Kerr got a raw deal.

Eire were absolutely poxed to get a 1-0 win in Cyprus a few days before that too.


Brian Kerr wasn’t sacked , his contract expired .


Yip, we throw away a 2-0 lead at home to Israel. Clinton Morrison went off when we were two up after half an hour or so and he replaced him with Lee Carsley or another central midfielder

Think we conceded a last minute goal to draw with them away as well.


Robbie Keane was the one who went off midway through the first half at home to Israel. Graham Kavanagh came on and there was a tactical reshuffle which didn’t work.

Throwing away the two leads against Israel was disastrous.

The main problem under Kerr was the team defended far too deep and invited teams onto them.

This happened most noticeably in the 1-1 draw away to Switzerland, when after Morrison’s early goal, the Swiss proceeded to lay siege to our goal for at least 20 minutes before they inevitably equalised. It didn’t get much better in the second half either.

Kerr bizarrely said afterwards that “we were too cavalier”.

The same thing then happened in Cyprus in the penultimate game when it was a miracle we held on for the win - Given saved a penalty and we were absolutely battered on the play.

France away was the only time we played any way well under him in a big game - the performances in big games were consistently under par.


Yes it was Graham Kavanagh, I had completely forgotten all about him when trying to recall who were our centre midfield options at that time.


That Israeli keeper was some cunt in that 2-2 in Lansdowne, rolling around the ground play acting when there was clearly nothing wrong with him.

The Israeli’s were horrible bastards generally that night, niggly, obstructions, shirt pulls at set pieces, exaggerating injuries. Ref fell for all of it and was stone useless. Did Ireland have a player sent off in that game late on?

Watched the Switzerland away game in that campaign in New York. Middle of the day on a Wednesday afternoon, I think. Definitely a week day anyway. Place was mobbed. 20 Dollars in, the thieving cunts. Bedlam when Morrison scored.

Pity it never worked out for Brian Kerr. Another great chance to qualify spurned in that campaign.


Kerr and Hughton weren’t particularly liked by the players which is what done for him in the end, he might have survived not getting out of a very tight group if the players were on his side but they weren’t. Forget who had a decent piece on it shortly after he left the job but a number of senior players were fairly scathing of the management off the record.



I recall there being reports of a bit of revolt against Hughton at a training session before a home friendly, it was in early 2004, March I’d say. I think it was in the Carlisle Grounds.


Didn’t Kerr go on the late late and appeal to be kept in the job shortly after the Swiss game?


Yes, two days after the Swiss game.


That’s very hurtful mate, I’ve always liked Roy though I can’t quite place what it is about him that I like.


Yes but to be fair the FAI had a managerial genius ready on tap .


What time is the draw tomorrow chaps?


1.00 afaik


I believe someone called Andy O Brien was sent off.