Roberto Mancini's Famous Mind Games

Key to Manchester City winning the league. As expected, he led Ferguson a merry dance and made the Manchester United manager look like an absolute amateur.

He even had the old man jumping around like a puppet for him on the touchline at Eastlands a few weeks ago.

Well done Roberto Mancini.


This man deserves a mention too. The best midfielder of his generation and a born winner.

Thank you Roberto.

Thank you Patrick.

Thank you Mr Mansour.

Incredible scenes there on SSN, Manchester has never seen anything like it according to SSN and its hard to argue with them.

Well it has been 40 odd years since a team from Manchester won it mate.

Very true buddy.

Acc to Off the Ball Tevez just help up a placard on the bus that says ‘RIP fergie’.



Carlitos :clap:

Most likely lost in translation, but still, :clap:

The scum of all scum.

Rooney playing off a bent handicap in golf. Fergie laughing at him. Great scenes at the awards. :clap:

Superb :lol:

Dickie Sadlier isn’t a big fan which has me even more convinced of Mancini’s greatness.

28th March 2010 “It seems the cracks are beginning to appear for Mancini”

2nd May 2010: “Time could be running out for the Italian”

7th November 2010: “If Mancini has indeed lost the dressing room in the way it has been reported, there will only ever be one outcome. And it’s going to be soon.”

“They can spin it any way they like but if the next few days don’t go to plan the next big signing at Eastlands will be a new manager.”

Richie is a hun so quite naturally he bears an irrational hatred for a proud Catholic like Mancini

Ah lovely, what a wank. Tremendous.

Splendid high jinks from Carlitos on the open top bus it seems. What a cad.


Carlos Tevez sees his baby for the 1st time.
He says to his misses “It looks nothing like me”
She says “give me chance, i’ve only just put the kettle on”

Tevez’s banner was a response to the statement by the myoofc manager when he said

Someone had asked him whether Manchester United will ever go into a derby match as underdogs and for 15 seconds or more he eyed his inquisitor, the hint of a glint in those narrow eyes, and you wondered whether that individual or Manchester City would be on the receiving end of the full force of his opinion. “What time is it?” he said, at last. “I think it is time for me to leave.” And as he clambered from his seat, an answer to that question… “Not in my lifetime.”

Brilliant :lol:

Ah that’s fantastic.

He seems to be cracking up after losing to Villa last night.

The Carling Cup? Was this on last night?! :o

To think that some people actually listen and pay heed to this bluffing cunt :lol: