Rock loves Bandage

Has anyone noticed that Rocko and Bandage always agree. They are in a click whereby they support each others views no matter what! Farmer and i were discussing this recently; i initially dismissed it but i have to say the evidence is all over the forum.

Anyone agree??

Hey rock you should change your user signature from “Tick Tock Tick Tock” to “Click click click click”

This is a favourite of farmers when hes making ridiculous comments.

Instead of admitting hes wrong, hell accuse us of ganging up on him or me of being a puppet to the bhoy rock.

As it happens by virtue of our shared interest in Celtic and in general a common philosophy on the beautiful game we tend to agree in the majority of cases on matters football. Farmer then makes a ridiculous comment about Kenny Miller its shot down for the tripe it is by me and rock yet instead of having the decency to withdraw the comment hell say its because were in cahoots together.

Quite sad really.

Clarkeycat also agreed with about 50% or so if what we were saying, so it’s not just blind allegiance to a particular viewpoint.

Start a thread on Jarosik if you want to see me and Bandage disagree on something.

if its not trus lads, why are ye getting so upset over it?