For fuck sake Rocko. The fucking thing is blinding me. It’s a crock of shit.


I don’t like Rocko.


Rocko what the fuck are you at?!?!?!?


For fuck sake. I don’t know whether I’m looking at the forum or a bag of Skittles.


The app is fine… What’s up lads?




I’ll make them all the same colour, take some of the glare away.


No Rocko. Just, no.


Just get rid of the fucking things Rocko. We were grand before. Most of us knew that the Six Nations thread was for rugby and the the Allianz Nfl thread was GAA. You are underestimating us, I fear.


Lots of mixed reaction here. Some positive, some negative. As with most matters like this I’ll hold off and see what forum heavyweights like Chewy Louie make of it.


I like their understated nature, yet another roaring success. Well done, Rocko


Ah here


I understand you’re upset with Fagan, Balbec and Blueboy but they’ll apologise in time I’m sure. Thanks for your support.


The change adverse nature of TFK posters is quite an embarrassment to the forum and the internet as a whole


Just had a look there. I like it.


No no no.

take it back to the manufacturers.


A noble improvement. Well done all concerned. :clap:


The Clare Roasters thread is tagged as ‘People’. They’re not people.


This requires a poll.


If it aint broke dont fix it,Rocko listen to your people!