Roisin Shortall

Has resigned as a minister and from Labour Party whip. Doesn’t say a lot for current administration that Reilly won the battle with her. The right wing of Labour have been out to get her too by looks of it.

Fair play to her anyway for sticking to her guns. No surprise to see Reilly win that battle but no matter how cynical you get about Labour it’s still disappointing to see the leadership abandoning her so quickly.

+1. That rare occurrence in Irish politics of a representative holding firm to their principles.

Indeed. Clear she wasn’t even supported in her proposals on alcohol earlier this year by some in Labour. Quinn, Gilmore and Rabbitte have behaved terribly in this recent episode anyway. Clamouring over one another to support Reilly over her.

Labour could end up going the way of the Greens if they don’t cop themselves on.
The brazenness of Reilly with his stroke for the primary care center nearly matches FF in their pomp.

I was stuck behind her in the queue for fish in Beshoffs one day. Herself and the husband. She took forever and was asking about every single fish on the slab without any consideration for the growing throng behind her. “How would you cook brill” “Is squid very tough” and so on.

Good riddance to her.

Surely you weren’t surprised to see her labour over her fish order?

I was thinking that their jaws must have dropped when they heard Varadkar saying it looked like stroke politics alright. It made their full throated support seem very servile. I think I picked Reilly as the potential weakest link in the Cabinet on here when it was formed and it looks like it is going that way.

Róisín Shortall is very much an alright sort, and it’s an awful shame she wasn’t given a Cabinet seat. I’d expect to see a fair bit of spinning against her in the next few days, of the likes that she was bitter not to be in Cabinet and had a personal rather than political problem with Reilly; much of it will probably be couched in thinly veiled female stereotypes. Hopefully at some stage in the near future she gives a detailed and reasoned rationale behind her decision to resign. Only if the defects in our governance are spelled out repeatedly by people with a high profile will there be even the slightest hope of meaningful reform.

Labour look to be in asbsolute disarray. Gilmore seems extremely weak, and the fact that they are far more scared of a general election than FG must make it very hard for them to wield real influence.

:lol: :lol:

I would have expected her to be roisin

I docked her a few Marx for that performance

If time is short all tolerances go out the window.

It was you, wasn’t it, annoying Whoopi Goldberg? :guns:

Be interesting to see if the likes of Burton is content after the next reshuffle. There is no justification to the grassroots of giving the likes of Ruairí Quinn a full ministerial job and it’s killing Labour.

I predict Labour will fall to around 10 seats at the next election.

Hopefully Shortall’s resignation will at least mean the end of her plan to introduce minimum pricing on alcohol.

How can FG stand over that stroke by Reilly? Whatever happened to the new era for politics? :smiley:

Who would have guessed Shorthall wasn’t in the for the long haul?

Gombeen politics still thriving my friend. I will wait until I read the Indo this Sunday before making my mind up on this one. :strokechin:

You’d have hand it to the Stickies all the same. Their power at all costs mentality is really destroying the old school social democrat tendency in the Labour Party. Their takeover of the Party will soon be total and then presumably there will be another takeover of a larger party. This playing of the long game to impose totalitarian rule on us is actually quite impressive.

I’d say you were seeing red

The stickies are the right crew to increase money supply for inflation and growth