Roma Season 2018/19


Yes, some very good young players coming through now. Tonali at Brescia will get a big move shortly by the sounds of things, he is the new Pirlo.


That’s a bold statement mate. Very bold.

There will never be another Pirlo


Beautiful goal from Under.


Icardi makes it 2-1.

Smashing header.


Pelanty Roma and Kola buries it.

Good man Kola.


What a man Kolarov is.

A beast.


2-2 draw.

Testing times for Roma but I hope we stick with EDF for now. The performances have not been too bad but results will need to improve. It was a summer of change so stability is what we need now.

Kult of Klopp

Sounds like you’re settling for mediocrity from the Enzo Bearzot Coach of the Year.


Not really. We sell our best players year on year, I think as long as we do that we won’t be going anywhere.

Ever since the Americans have taken over we have flogged our best players at the end of the season - Lamela, Marquinhos, Benatia, Pjanic, Salah, Rudiger, Nainggolan, Alisson, Strootman have all gone under the American’s watch - they all went on the back of being key players and first team fixtures.

We even tried to flog Dzeko to Chelsea last year but he didn’t want to go. The likes of Lamela, Marquinhos, Nainggolan and Strootman have all spoken out publicly of how they never wanted to leave but were forced out by the board.

Palotta and co are the problem, they are happy to settle for mediocrity by flogging our best players every season.


Cristante puts us one up.


Kola makes it 2.


2-0 win for Roma? That should ease the pressure on the manager.


Just spotted there flicking through the sports section of the Sunday paper that Roma filled the togs again yesterday. Leading 2-0 with five minutes to go against lowly Cagliari( who were down to 10 men) and they contrived to draw 2-2.


That is hilarious, some bottlers




Grrrr, have I embarrassed the rugby fraternity in front of the scummy soccer crowd?

So I was mislead by the Sunday papers and Roma didn’t fill the togs and throw away a two goal lead to Cagliari in the last few minutes?


Actually cagliari were down to 9


no worries


Forza Roma.

Daje Zaniolo.


Super save from Olsen.