I’ll let the experts decide on here @Rocko @anon78624367 @the_man_himself @Bandage @sidney and who ever else but ronanaldinho is probably the first world class footballer I remember as a youngster. There seemed to be more joy to his game than Messi and Ronaldo. He also won it all too. His peak probably didn’t last long enough either.

If Hagi was Brazilian he would have gone down as one of the greatest. For me the most technically proficient footballer I have seen. His left leg was a wand, a truly superb footballer who was mesmeric when on form.



Good shout…

Was reading this recently: Stoichkov and Hagi: The Dagger and The King

Aldridge made some fucking awful effort to kill him in Genoa. It was a shocker. Very little ever made of it, but it was wicked.

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He was the one player on the pitch that day who showed any attacking intent. I think the Irish lads knew very little about him, Aldridge was injured and wanted to take him out, it would have been a straight red nowadays.

Never had much of a club career though. Came alive in the international tournaments.

For about 2 years Ronaldinho was an absolute joy to watch. He was way out ahead of everyone else. He gave a performance in a classico that was one of the great individual performances.

Barca did well to get that out of him giving the fuck acting he did in Paris.

I’ll never forget watching the game when he went to the Bernabeu and walked all over the cunts. Still one of the most dominant displays I’ve ever seen on a football pitch.

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Fat Ronaldo for me. When he was fully firing he was incredible

In the modern game they would have been with the bigger clubs at an earlier age and would likely have had more stability, two Mavericks who believed they were the best. Prosinecki, Boban, Hagi, Stoichkov, Rui Costa, Figo, Cantona, Baggio and Effenberg we’re generation players who were just superb. I loved Effenberg, one arrogant prick but some player.

Prosinecki - what a player.

Had a fag at half time during all matches in his career.

Effenberg’s autobiography contained a chapter called ‘What Lothar Mattheaus knows about football’ and it was blank. One of the great football stories.


Henrik Larsson spoke recently about Ronaldinho being the best ever player he played with. He said that in 2006 there was massive pressure on Ronaldinho, he was holding Barcelona on his shoulders, yet it didn’t shirk him and he played with that big smile.

He was an incredibly gifted footballer.

Fat Ronaldo was greatest talent I’ve seen… Could do everything… Ball was stuck to his toe, could dribble at ridicilous speed… Used to pass the ball to the net…
My favourite ronaldhino moment was when Terry tried to do him at the nou camp one time and he literally bounced off ronaldhino… He had great skill but was as strong as an ox too…

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Zidane was generational. Shevchenko, the original Ronaldo. Del Piero, Rivaldo, Bergkamp, Nedved from ronaldinho time (around)

Ronaldo was the best number 9 of modern football. Even after 2 knee write offs he was world class and he wasnt near fit. His season at Barcelona was mind blowing

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Some of his early goals with PSV were unbelievable…

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He could shift goalies without touching the ball. A good early strike too, no backlift, robbie fowler was similar.

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What did he go to prison for?