Ronda Rousey

What an amazing young women. Unreal.

Singing in.

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Another strong secure man! I’m waiting for the insecure lads to come slating the lovely Ronda.

Oh please, welcome to 2012! She’s been making me money for years!


I’d love if that fight between her and Mayweather went ahead and he kicked the living shit out of her


Agree rating.


Winner rating.


Arms like a blocklayer.

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We knew the most insecure man on the forum wouldn’t be able to resist commenting here.


How do you mean fight?



Why would you give a shit, you’re asexual.
I on the other hand am not and while I detest this cage fighting shite, I admire Ronda greatly, in so many ways.

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You seem upset by my comment.

She’s going around the place saying she’d kill Mayweather, which irks me. He’d kill her till she died from it FFS.

She’s not saying anything of the sort…she was asked a ridiculous question and her half jest answer was blown up by reporters… he pulled the real original ‘Ronda who’? reply and she made another joke recently about it… you really need to lighten up… and I asked what you meant by fight? in a no holds bar fight she would murder the wife beater, but in a strictly boxing match yeah of course he would win.


:joy: you don’t actually believe that do you? FFS man she’d be dead in a round. He is one of the greatest fighters of all time.

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Signing in. Imagine how those 2 that’s who sued her feel now. That’s a great story.

He’s a boxer you plonker - she’s a black belt in judo further to 3/4 years training in mma now. She’d have him on the ground in seconds… well maybe not seconds as he’d probably spend 4/5 rounds running away. The guy only has his fists, in an all out fight, he’d be lost… she also probably has a two foot height advantage over him so i’m not sure what he’s do with those fists.

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