Ross County v Celtic 12.30 ko

A few changes here

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I know he has an eye on the euro game midweek but that’s a lot of changes to start with. I’m of the mind to start strong and get the game won. That said it’s a big chance for some players to step up. But why for the love of god is he sticking with Turnbull?

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I was expecting Bernardo to come back in alright. He effectively played two full games back to back against Atletico & Hibs having barely featured before that so he was always going to drop out in midweek. Johnston hasn’t been great this season yet having been injured throughout pre-season - maybe no harm to give him a break. Good to have CCV back although Rodgers mentioned his knee still needs to be managed. Oh deserves a game from the start, I guess, given his winner the other night & Kyogo can’t be expected to start every game. Yang was lively off the bench the other night & earned that start too. My concern would be that the midfield three is a bit one-paced, McGregor really needs to step it up this season & he seems to play every single game. Iwata possibly unlucky not to get some more minutes.

These away fixtures in and around euro games can be an absolute bastard. Changes are needed but your never sure who will really seize their opportunity whilst others only reaffirm why they are on the periphery.
Hoping for an Oh inspired 5-0 performance and really hoping against some sort of drab 0-0

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McGregor must be knackered.
Huns are in a new manager bounce, we can’t give them any encouragement.


Very little in that. Would have thought the ref would allow the goal for the huns & VAR wouldn’t overturn it. Here he blows late after the ball is in the net for the foul & VAR unlikely to intervene. Subtle cheating.

Edit; Especially when the VAR is Andrew Dallas.


Great finish too. Joke

Potential red card for that foul on Yang.

Dallas has sent the ref over for a look. Will he upgrade the yellow?

Upgraded to red card.

Andrew Dallas is a very good VAR clearly.

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A sloppy spell immediately after the red but better in last while. Need to play at a high tempo & not take too many touches. It’s easy to stroll around with the ball when they’re just sitting back with 10 but you need to drag them out of position rather than taking loads of touches.


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Will VAR get involved here?


That’s hilarious.

Oh Oh Oh Oh

That could be another red?


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Bernardo had to score there.


Crisp strike by Turnbull again.

Think there were 20+ shots by Celtic in that half. You’d think the breakthrough goal just as the 6 minutes of injury time was up would avoid things getting edgy in the second half.

Press for the second in the first 15 minutes after half time & then use the bench.

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