Ross Moments from Friends

This is a classic show and all below scenes in some way involve Ross - an absolute hero.

The one where Joey and him take the nap

The one where he imitates the dinosaur (love his seriousness before and after)

The one where he puts on the fake British accent

The one with the leather pants

Where he finds out about Rachel and Joey and the subsequent meal (do you see me going nuts?)

Key note Speaker - first part only

Shampoo Explosion - why does bad things happen to good people?

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for this.

I simply can’t comprehend what you’re trying to achieve here.

It fooking sickens me to the core.

Grotesque Unbelievable Bizarre Unprecedented.


And with that one post any semblance of credibility remaining has gone.

Lads what are you basing your criticism on? Thanks for the post Farmer. Quite entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Cheers for trhe support Piper

I sense Bandage and Rocko are trying to wind me up but this is the new, mellow farmer. And there was also an element of me trying to wind up the two lads with the post because I knew they hated Friends

Guess what - it worked

I don’t care what you clowns think anyway - you have already demonstrated your complete lack of comedy knowledge.

I am fairly sure therock was once a fan of the show so don’t mind his hollow complaints. More golden moments from friends would be welcomed. If not thanks anyway for the good work farmer.

Beautiful Farmer. Myself and Bandage are the ones trying to wind you up. I’d love to know how you missed the sarcasm oozing out of the Piper’s post praising Friends. He’s buttering you up so you’ll agree with him on an EPL discussion later.

Both Farmer and myself have the maturity to separate our comedy views and our views on sport. Sadly you appear to be unable to do this.

Still shaking my head thinking about this.

‘Ross moments from Friends’


I have to say a Ross moments from friends thread is something I thought I’d never see on this forum. Im shocked, im taking it with a pinch of salt though :smiley:

My initial thought was: ‘Wind up’.

But I’ve seen other threads where farmer’s been going on about how great Friends was/is. I worry about the chap.