Rotten Apple


The town wasn’t big enough for both of them.


Little does @AppleCrumbled know - I actually saved his life… it was reminiscent of the Crossbarry Ambush when Barry had to march lads up and down for an hour to regain control of the men.


It’s funny the thread title keeps changing, don’t we already have a dungeon? @mac?


ok I’m done here this is actually unsettling.


I had you spotted in Ennis having a little smoke outside a bar you’re lucky I had the nephew with me or I would have stabbed you dead.


@codegreen seems an interesting character, tell me a bit about him please. He was a very cranky man during the abortion referendum, strongly on Cicero’s side of things. Might have suggested the Repealers deserved death although I might be mixing him up with another poster.


PMs within the PMs?


Accurate enough,


A bit of harmless auld bants.


Does this mean that @AppleCrumbled is the Swanfather?


@AppleCrumbled it was only business, I’d never attack any member here. I was in war mode there. Sure aren’t we all getting on now.


The inner circle has an inner circle.


And @codegreen is in it??


There was a hit sanctioned on @AppleCrumbled a few lads had a sit down and decided it was in everyones best interests that it be called off in its final hours. Things nearly got out of control.


Would there be any Limerick posters left alive if that last free had bounced off Tom Conlon’s helmet and into the net? The omerta would be blamed surely for the on field collapse.


Tom certainly wouldn’t be walking. What the fuck was he at heading the sliotar in to the net. The thick West Limerick bollix.


If the ref blow up for a throw to Morrissey…i couldn’t imagine


Jaysus, Who’s this Dooly fella?




Ah shit I missed all this fun yesterday :laughing: :popcorn: