Rotten Apple


It appears Apple is sending out PMs in a frenzy 5 posters have contacted me telling me he is shitting it. look at this dope then.


And its @Dooley




This @Codegreen chap seems a bit mental. You aren’t the first poster he has e-threatened by all accounts


Applecrumbled would want to watch his back. I’ve got details of his home house, his work and interesting little bits about his family. A few top posters sorted me out with the info.


This has taken a sinister turn.


:popcorn: :popcorn:


What sort of a fucking sad weirdo are you


This is alarming behaviour and not in the spirit of this forum, @rocko i suggest a ban.

cc @Bandage and @mac


Post flagged.


Thanks you told me everything I needed to know I’ll leave now.


you’ve been sold a pup. He doesn’t work.


Jesus lads I wouldn’t have left the group if it was going to upset people this much. At least I gave ye something to talk about for a few months. Some people are truly crazy.


Right this is over - I’m putting my fist down now.

Apple is an alright sort and 1 of our own. But just dont tell him I said that.

Give over the threatening behaviour - we all have to get up and post in the morning.


Would you not post from the scratcher?


Too right Dooley :wink:


you just created an alias and threatened to beat the shit out of yourself.

Think about that for a while.


That’s rich coming from you, Apple.


I never sent any of them. @Dooleyis playing ye like a fiddle.


I wouldn’t associate myself with @Dooley. He is a fake account, i never sent him shit.


Why are you being so defensive?