Rough(ish) birds that you would get up on (any lady who looks like she's had a wash recently)


Are you saying it’s a load of Vollox?


It’s becoming a Boer.


I’m going to need a wash after being down here with yourself and art. Creepy cunts.

Lesson learned


You’ve had your finger in the dyke for the last few hours. Maybe it’s time to take it out.


Well Utrecht into this pun war


It’s Afrikaan joke.


I’m getting some sleep now, but I’ll be bok


I hope you sleep well enough to have a spring in your step tomorrow.


I’m with @Sidney on this one, having spent a fair bit of time in the Netherlands and interacted with a broad cross section of people there, I can confirm they (by and large) are a shower of pedantic, boring, verbose and completely opaque regarding their full of shitness. Pretend Germans.


I cant believe Am Stel reading this thread


They’re tall fuckers as well.


About 300 posts overnight.

2 photos.


@Tank knew


what the fuck has been going on in here?

this is what appears to have been going on…


What the hell is a Dutch oven??


Ah here


I’d never heard of this either


With a snout like yours it’d surely backfire.


Au contraire


Do you have a big snout and frequently try to Turkish oven your missus?