Rough(ish) birds that you would get up on



The bar is low for the rough-ish in this thread, I notice.

If I put poor Fallon into the lovely ladies thread, I’d get ate. I get ate for putting her here. Can’t win.

What happened her?

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She looks like she goes to the dentist at Fairyhouse.


Tee eff kay

I rode her mother in Fairyhouse.


Obligatory darts belly is installed

Or maybe somebody just got up….:thinking:

Best of luck to her if that’s the case

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She was in Kilkenny last night. Was half thinking of going but went to Limerick game instead.

One of the lads met her in Blackpool (Not the Cork one) on the day of the Women’s Matchplay at the Winter Gardens. She was practicing away in a pub across from the venue but took some time to have a chat and let them get a photo. An alright sort.

She had a scare a few years ago when she was diagnosed with kidney failure, one of the side effects of the medication was that her face swelled up a lot which isn’t great if your playing darts on stage/on the TV.

She’s with Cameron Menzies who is on the PDC tour. There was a chance she should have been playing him in the first round at Ally Pally before Christmas but not to be.


Her son is autistic as well. Doesn’t have it easy in fairness.


Would you risk it @Tassotti

I probably wouldn’t. She’d bate the shite out of me for poor performance…

Stay on her left.
She has no left foot.

Good tactical advice there. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail…

Bebe Rexha, singer.

Was gonna put her in lovely ladies thread, but thought better after Lana Del Rey…


She looks like she’s melting

Not quick enough