[RT] Armstrong stops Dublin traffic

Cycling champion Lance Armstrong brought Dublin’s rush hour traffic to a halt today when he took a spin through the city’s Phoenix Park.


Unreal traffic in Dublin this morning. Bus and lorry crashed on Memorial bridge which is probably the main north south crossing point over the Liffey and traffic was backed up in every direction.

Fucking nightmare. I arrived on the scene shortly after the crash. Took 35 minutes to get from about midway past the Customs House to the Hilton Garden where traffic started to move a bit better.

I was stuck on Marlborough St for an age. Eventually said fuck this and proceeded illegally down O’Connell St.

I went over the m50 at about 6.30 this morning. It was grand.

That didn’t happen.

@Mac might confirm but Monday evening traffic is more his thing.

It Certainly did. I’m in your beloved Waherfurd as we spake.

I think you are a bit of a Walter Mitty

Quite possibly. But then I might not know that they’ve done up the big garage on the right coming into Dungarvan and have a new fancy coffee machine that explains your coffee as it’s being made. And that there’s a statue to Gleeson on every corner.

Only when linked to TV ratings

Noticeable decrease in Ireland AM per my industry sources