RTE Correspondents


They normally save the munters for RTE original “comedy” or for Brendan oconnors cunting edge


We’re talking staff. But yes they do roll out non attractive/pig ugly ladies as contributors.
You dont or won’t see a fat cow presenting the weather, reading the news or fronting any show anytime soon.


I’d love if that Norma Burke one was alerted to this thread :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


She posts here as @glasagusban




Who is this hottie presenting the 9 o clock news?


That’s the lovely Carla O’Brien in her Tyrone colours.


Lovely northern accent as well


Explains the odd shaped shoulders on the jacket.


Built like a shithouse.




You have to love RTE. They get rid of all the male news presenters and replace them with women to show how progressive they are then they slowly replace the munters with lashers. They’ll have them presenting in their bikinis soon enough.


Did an auld google image search there, and she gets 0 points for showing up in a pic wearing “city shorts”…


Paschal down with the cool kids in Cork this pm. I hope the local rappers taught him how to hurry the fuck up when speaking.


Mercedes from Mahon. :smile:


Cork rappers are notoriously clannish


They’re playing in the Parochial Hall if you’re interested


I wouldn’t be left in because I think Cork City is an awful looking dive of a city so they wouldn’t be able for that at all


Perry appears to be up the fuckstick


He was in Limerick this week giving a "Brexit Masterclass "