RTE Correspondents


I’ll start this very important list. Feel free to provide a little anecdote or snippet of information about the person you’re posting about:

Ciarán Mullooley - Midlands Correspondent.

Also a regular umpire for former inter-county referee John Bannon.



Cathy O’Halloran Mid West Correspondent

Daughter of the great Limerick and Ahane hurler and a TD and MEP for Fianna Fail Mick Herbert


Tom McCaughren - former Security Correspondent.

I remember him reporting on stories like The General’s killing when I was a youngster. He has published several novels.


“Such as Run Swift, Run Free” and “Run with the Wind”


Charlie Bird - Chief News Correspondent.

Back in the role after an ill-fated spell as US Correspondent.

Was famously involved in unsavoury incidents during the Love Ulster celebratory riot.



Paschal Sheey - Southern Editor / Correspondent … The fucking wind bag.


Please note the area from which he corresponds or get the fuck out of this thread, comrade.


Will Goodbody - General Correspondent

Pencil necked fucker




Damien Tiernan - South Eastern Correspondent.

Never involved in anything of note. Usually reports on floods in Clonmel or a big ship entering Waterford harbour.

Married to retired and very ugly athlete, Catherina McKiernan, as far as I know. An unrelated debate but at what stage do you just give up and settle for that?


Ah Bandage, it’s Damien O’Reilly that’s married to McKiernan.

He presents Liveline at the odd time.

Damien Tiernan is a distant relation of mine.


Farmer, I’ll delete my post if you delete your one. Deal or no deal?




Eileen Magnier, North Western Correspondent

Eileen is married to former Mayo footballer TJ Kilgallon.


wasnt he in some left wing militia in his youth- there is a picture of him firing a gun over a grave


On iPhone so not sure if I can


Aoife Kavanagh - former RTE Foreign (war i think) correspondent. From Enniscorthy.

Interesting fact- she used to do a line with Mac’s brother.


RTE? Nah, there’s only one correspondant worth a fuck and that’s this man


Aonghas McNally - Community Games Correspdant

Reared his ugly head on the hurricane tribute the other night. Made a bollix of recreating hurricanes blue to the brown pocket from the match v White in '82.


The lot of them are listed here

Specialist Correspondents

  • Charlie Bird (Chief News Correspondent)[24]
  • David Murphy (Business Editor)
  • Sean Whelan (Economics)[25]
  • Fergal Bowers (Health)
  • Orla O’Donnell (Legal Affairs)
  • Emma O’Kelly (Education & Science)
  • Paul Cunningham (Environment)[26]
  • Joe Little (Religious and Social Affairs)
  • Paul Reynolds (Crime)[27]
  • Sinéad Crowley (Arts and Media)
  • Joe O’Brien (Agriculture and Food)


  • David Davin-Power (Correspondent)[28]
  • David McCullagh (Correspondent)[28]
  • Brian Dowling (Reporter)

Industry and Employment

  • Ingrid Miley (Correspondent)
  • Vivienne Traynor (Reporter)


  • Gareth O’Connor
  • Will Goodbody
  • Ray Kennedy
  • Flor McCarthy
  • Ruth McAvinia
  • Robert Shortt


  • Ciaran Mullooly (Correspondent)


  • John Kilraine (Correspondent)


  • Jim Fahy (Editor)
  • Teresa Mannion (Reporter)
  • Cathy Halloran (Mid West Correspondent)


  • Paschal Sheehy (Editor)
  • Jennie O’Sullivan (South Reporter)
  • Damien Tiernan (South East Correspondent)
  • Helen McInerney (South East Reporter)


  • Tommie Gorman (Editor)[22]
  • Richard Dowling (North East Correspondent)
  • Eileen Magnier (North West Correspondent)
  • Brendan Wright (Northern Reporter)
  • Michael Fisher (Northern Reporter)
  • Eimear Lowe (Northern Reporter)


  • Margaret Ward (Foreign Editor/China Correspondent)
  • Anthony Murnane (Deputy Foreign Editor)
  • Tony Connelly (Europe Correspondent)[23]
  • Brian O’Connell (London Editor)
  • Richard Downes (Washington Correspondent)