Ruby Ruby Ruby

Wats the story there??? The examiner will be interesting!!!

elaborate please mate

leaving the Paul Nicholls yard.

Traveling to UK daily getting too much I assume?


Cited family and travelling reasons.

A great day for the little parish as Daryl Jacob confirmed as new stable jockey :clap:

Them Jacobs were always good to ride

He’ll have his work cut out at 7.30 this evening :slight_smile:

Best of luck

Who is on board, mate?


To be honest, Bubbles will be tough to beat. Beat Courage a lot more comfortably than we did.

Ground gone heavy but we’ll be disappointed if he’s not placed.

Reverse forecast prob the way forward if you are having a wager

2f out I would have put the house on him and it looked like Bubbles was toast.
Jockey didn’t get after him at all. Are ye saving him DB?