Rugby Players Rape Trial


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Mod Note: The last thread was “archived” because of frankly infuriating content.

This is a fresh effort to keep things civil. I’d hope this will be twitter updates or media updates on the case and some efforts at summarising where things are. Not mindless speculation based on pretending to know more than everyone else about a very public trial.


1. No calling anyone a rape apologist or whatever the opposite of that might be.
2. No referencing any posts anyone has made on other topics to advance your argument.
3. In fact, don’t question the opinion of anyone else.
4. Don’t keep saying the same thing over and over again.
5. For the love of God, stop saying that you know things privately about this case that would change everyone’s mind if only they had your inside "information"
6. I will ban the shit out of anyone who breaks these rules.

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Rugby Rape Trial - Part 2
Rugby Rape Trial - Part 2

Must have been some sort of glitch with last post.


Number 2 in particular is a bit difficult to abide by, is this thread the only one to be moderated?


If it’s broad moderation you yearn, kindly fuck off over to Boards.


@Rocko has cabin fever lads. @Fagan_ODowd can you ski down to him there with a couple of packs of Percy pigs? I think he’s gone over the edge.



It’s ridiculous now at this stage. That list is hilarious.

Full on FEAR from the snowflake community.

Not to mention the title still is incredible biased


What exactly are they being Trialed for Kev?


Will the previous thread still be available for perusal by the actual defence/prosecution/judge/jury? Just in case they’re stuck…


For someone who throws the word snowflake around with abandonment you sure know how to find offence in something.


The term snowflake is a very overused word these days.


I can see millions of the cunts in my back garden right now


The hill where Michael Furey lies buried is covered with the wee bastards


I’m not offended in the slightest.

Just posting out your and others unbelievable hypocrisy.

It’s hilarious.

I have always said ordinary people are not suitable to power


Even if it were i dont think thats unreasonable


Not for being rugby players anyway


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Yes. In this manner.



Ah jaysus kev.