Rugby Players Rape Trial


Jackson should do time for not clipping his fingernails.


Do you think they should all walk away not guilty on all accounts, based on evidence thus far?




Wow. OK.


Deafening silence from Belfast this morning.

Is another juror “ill”?


I read somewhere that Harrison is back on the stand at 2pm.


Limerick won. No one cares any more. Lock the thread.


What’s this now!


Rumors of a mistrial. Judge taking information on board that could see the entire thing thrown out and having to go at it all over again in the future.


Looks like a mistrial gents …

edit @myboyblue got there first.


How come you call olding by his surname but jackson PJ in your posts? Is that what his fans call him.


Huge news about to emerge. This is massive.

cc @Tassotti


This is some cluster fuck in fairness.


Is the Internet about to break?


I cant wait for the discussion on here in the new trial when we hear all the new evidence and debate each new item as it arises and move onto the next piece of evidence. It will be fascinating to watch.


A Miss Trial has been announced.

Dara Florence, Emily Docherty, Claire Matthews and Rosanna Cooney will compete to wear the coveted winner’s sash.




What’s happened now?


Rory Harrison - so gas. Lolling. Prosecution are running rings round these liars.


Had not seen before that complainant said in a text message 3 Ulster rugby players raped her.