Ruh Roh, another Ulster rugby player accused

@TheUlteriorMotive ?

What’s going on

@backinatracksuit and @Fagan_ODowd can comment as the forum’s duct tape experts

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Nah. He’s from Munster.

Peek a boo…

He likes rugby though

This one is a real stretch for you.

And you missed a far more obvious and high profile one recently

Losing your touch

Duct tape. How cliché

Sweep sweep

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He is an Ulster rugby man,what do you expect

Sweeping another one into your path.

This lads only connection to Ulster was the fact he was born in NI fffs​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

And that he played for them

It seems the woman’s aid intervention has just stirred up a hornets nest

Throw up a few match reports there

He is an ex player mate, maybe you should be focusing on his alleged crimes rather than denying that he played for them

The rugger boys are a bit rapey, there’s no getting away from it.

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What is it do you think, is it all the heads between each others thighs and sniffing each others holes in the scrums or what? It seems to develop into a rapey type streak in them.

Could be that it’s an elitist sport

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I think you’re right, I think if you add what you said there to the thigh and arse sniffing in the scrums and the soggy biscuit stuff then you rape what you sew I’m afraid…

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