Rules of the astro league

6 a side Rules (Subject to change)

  1. The committees decision on all matters is final.
  2. Normal rules of Association Football apply apart from dedicated Astro Sports League rules outlined here.
  3. Each team is allowed a maximum of six players on the field of play. Substitutions can be performed in a roll on - roll off manner where by players can come on and off as many times as they like.
  4. Substitutions can only be made at the halfway line while the ball is out of play and may not be used to hold up the game.
  5. If any team is found to be abusing the substitution system intentionally (i.e. having more than eleven players on the pitch), in the referees opinion, then the offending teams number will be reduced by one player for the remainder of the match.
  6. As each match has a maximum length of 60 minutes, 30 minutes per half. It may not always be possible to play the full sixty minutes, so match length is left to the referees discretion.
  7. All games will start at the appointed time, regardless of how many players from each team are on the pitch. If one team delays the start of a match they will have one goal automatically awarded against them for every five minutes the start of the game is delayed. This rule will be implemented at the referee’s discretion and is not subject to appeal.
  8. A yellow card offence is punishable by five minutes in the “sin bin”. This means that the offending player has to leave the field without being substituted so that the players team will be reduced by one player for the duration of the penalty. As normal, two yellow card offences constitute a red card.
  9. A player who receives a red card because of two yellow card offences will be automatically suspended for the following match. A player who is red carded for one single offence will be suspended for the following two matches. Longer suspensions can be imposed at the committees discretion depending on the referees report. The name of any red carded player must be mailed to the committee on the following day. Failure to do so will result in a longer suspension.
  10. The offside rule will not be played in any match.
  11. The Sliding tackle has been banned for players own safety as is wearing studded footwear of any kind, including moulded studs.
  12. Teams must have a consistent set of jerseys so that all outfield players must have the same jerseys, failure to do this will result in the opposition being awarded a goal at the start of the match.Each team is also required to have a set of bibs to accommodate colour clashes. Penalties can be imposed for breaches of this directive.
  13. On the night of a match each team is required to produce a match standard football, failure to do so, as decided by the referee, will result in the offending team having one goal automatically awarded against them. This rule will be implemented at the referee’s discretion and is not subject to appeal.
  14. All players must wear shin guards, failure to do so will result in a forced substitution regardless of how many players are available to the offending team on the night.
  15. Fixtures cannot be rescheduled under any circumstances save for a referee not attending a game or a pitch being unplayable.
  16. If a team fails to fulfill a fixture, that team automatically loses that fixture by a score of 6-0. If a team fails to fulfill a fixture without prior notification both to their opponents and to the league they will have one league point deducted and Rule 14 will also apply. If neither team shows up, without prior notice, the penalty applies to both teams and no points will be awarded. If prior notification is given the one point deduction will not apply but the absent team still loses the game by 3-0. The fixture will not be rearranged under any circumstances.
  17. Transfers are allowed subject to written requests to the committee followed by a two week waiting period during which a player may not play for any team.
  18. In the event of a tie at the end of a league, positions will be decided on the following criterion:
  19. Overall goal difference
  20. Overall goals scored
  21. The league takes no responsibility for any injuries incurred while playing in the league. Injuries incurred due to negligence of clubs should be taken up with the clubs where the matches are being staged. This has been confirmed by legal counsel and does not infringe on any rights.
  22. While this is intended to be a highly competitive league it is expected that the friendly nature of the league will be respected by all teams. At the committees discretion, if a team is found to be continually causing trouble, a formal warning will be issued, followed by dismissal from the league if the offending team persists. Violent or abusive behaviour constitutes a breach of this fair play directive. Above all this league has been formed for the enjoyment of those involved, the continuation of that enjoyment is the committees priority.
  23. These are the rules of the league and by joining the league teams are binding themselves to these rules. The committee run the league on this basis, see Rule 1.

No offside

I think we should leave a striker up there constantly and whack the ball up to him - Charltonesque

I think we should leave a striker up there constantly and whack the ball up to him - Charltonesque

If we do that I’m off. Typical attitude of a Liverpool fan. We’ll keep the ball on the floor, neat short passes, keep possession, wear down the opposition and let our creative players do their stuff.

Bang on Tinnion - that’s exactly what we’ll do. Short, sharp passes.

You have to love the ball and never let it go. Oh to play football the Wexford Albion way.

Question - are shin pads mandatory? I seem to have misplaced mine…

They are mandatory. Can your auntie lend you a pair? I’m sure someone must have spares - not me unfortunately.

Buy a pair at lunch tomorrow, balljaws.

That’s the thing - I am working out in the middle of an industrial estate without a shop within an asses’ roar. And its quite a tight turnaround trying to get to Raheny by seven. I’ll sort something out - where there’s a will there’s a way