Sam Allardyce former England Manager

What an appointment. Limerick posters might know of a few stories of his time at Limerick F.C. in the early 90’s ?

A great guy and a brilliant appointment for England. I wish him all the very best of luck.





An absolute disaster, one time Sunderland actually had a decent manager with a proven track record and he fucks off. He was someone everyone could get behind, pretty good record in the transfer market, who knows who they’ll bring in next.

He’ll do alright for England but I don’t expect them to actually win anything either (don’t think the team are good enough).

They’ll be a very tough team to beat at the World Cup, in the climate of what happened in France and the teams that did well he appears the perfect appointment.
I think I’ll have a read off his biography soon.
Fr. Joe Young will be bombarded by the press now, the whole world will know about the door to door collection above in O’Malley park.

Too late.

That’s an Irish paper mate, Fr Joe will be fielding calls from the Guardian, L’equipe and Gazetta dello Sport now.

He said winning div. 1 with Limerick was his best achievement so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Hopefully Lee Cattermole will get a cap now.


Original article was in the guardian

Telegraph actually but that’s interesting,
I remember playing against the Limerick City reserve team at that time in the Munster Senior League, think they only played for a year or two. We were delighted heading up to the LOI ground having had good experiences in Turners cross and Cobh, Rathbane was a fucking kip of the highest order, one of the worst pitches we played on that year, baptism of fire for Sam no doubt. Good luck to him.

Fantastic news :+1:

I played up there last year and it’s as bad as ever.

It was incredible to believe at the time that it was a LOI ground, I’m pretty sure they brought us to Punches for a few pints afterwards, dinner then in McDonalds at the Crescent, not a bad day out in fairness, we won and I scored.

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He lived in digs for a while up around the corner from where I grew up.
Clearly remember the season he played centre half as player manager for us. Came across as a decent skin back then. Definitely had no ego - just loved football


Sam definitely seems to have a great oul way about him

I’m delighted for Big Sam.

A sound skin by all accounts, always good to hear about his fond memories of Limerick.

If Fr Joe Young is a mate of his, he’s a good man.

This fat cunt.

Is that 2lbs. of stewing beef Missus or what.

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Rathbane was horrendous. Tiny tiny dressing rooms. Stolen Cars being set on fire at the gates while we trained. Woeful surface too. Loads of dodgy dealings went on around ownership too so nobody ever wanted to put any money into it.

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It was never that bad mate ffs.