Save Top Gear


A Save Top Gear petition following Richard Hammonds awful 300mph crash last week.

Lots of politican coonts and miscellaneous others calling for the show to be scrapped, claiming it endorses speed etc etc.

Personally, its one of my favourite shows on TV and I watch it religously.

i wouldnt loose any sleep over it being scrapped. its good for a while, but its the same fookin spastick british, prodi humour.

personally i was glad to see Hammond getting fooked out of a car. Here’s a brainiac question for you: What happened when you dive out of a speeding care? - You get vegatative brain damage you stupid fooker.

When i heard it, the first thing that went through my head was “good for the fooker”

The first thing to go through Hammand’s head was his arse. Brits out!

Fuck you, you knobjockey. It’s a great programme

Top Gear is a great show. They tell things as they see them, no bullshite outta them.

I hate Hammond. Does he remind anyone else of Matt Dawson - a typically smug english bastard who got his come uppance

He’s a funny fucker and loves his Porsches. To even put him in the same sentence as Dawson is wrong.

BTW, you stated earlier your dislike of “British Pordi humour” yet you claim to be D4 rugger head. Surely a lot of Irish Prodi’s would also be of that ilk. You West-Brit fuckwit, stick to the poetry.

The only thing wrong with Top Gear is their loyalty to British cars, which are shit, apart from Aston Martin and some Jags (even though both companies are owned by Ford) and their constant slagging of Germans, eventhough they love driving their cars.

TV star airlifted to new hospital

Richard Hammond is making good progress in his recovery

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond, who crashed in a jet-powered car on an airfield, has been moved from hospital in Leeds to another in Bristol.
Hammond appeared in good spirits, smiling and laughing, as he was put on the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The TV star was later seen walking into an ambulance on arrival at the Bupa hospital in Clifton, Bristol.

Hammond had been treated for a brain injury at Leeds General Infirmary, after crashing while filming the show.

‘Overwhelmed by well-wishers’

Mr Hammond had been driving a jet-powered dragster similar to the Vampire used by Colin Fallows to set the British land speed record of 300.3 mph.

He had to be cut free after the car “veered off to the right” and its parachutes opened during the drive, during the crash last Wednesday.

The 36-year-old, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, has since received hundreds of cards and flowers from well-wishers.

In the days after the crash, Mr Hammond said he was so overwhelmed with flowers he was worried he could be “in for some ribbing from fellow Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May”.

Mr Hammond with his wife Amanda who kept a bedside vigil

Donations to the air ambulance which flew him to hospital stand at ?148,000.

The appeal to raise funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance was set up by a group of motoring enthusiasts, and has received the support of Mr Hammond’s family.

Medical staff at the hospital said his recovery was continuing after being transferred from a high dependency unit on Friday.

A BBC spokeswoman confirmed that the final part of the Best Of Top Gear, which was due to be screened on 1 October, had been postponed indefinitely.

Police and the Health and Safety Executive are continuing to investigate the crash.

Flano, you are a cockmaster

Top gear is rubbish.


Footage of the crash.

On a happier note, filming of the new series has begun - woohoo!!!

If it was filmed in Israel, Pagey would probably like it!

did you hear they are still peeling him off the ground?

Have never watched an episode of this myself. No interest in cars, gadgets, finicky things etc. My mp3 is the limit of my technical extravagance and I have to get others to add songs to it for me.

There is footage of the sting ray attack on Steve Irwin around somewhere too. Anybody watched it?

I think you are milkin that whole Irwin incident Rocko!

Sorry Ox - probably been harping on about it for too long now.


That ginger fuck Chris Evans has packed it in, he couldn’t handle the pressure

He wouldn’t present spuds to a duck.

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A cavalcade of cunts head the betting to be next presenter…