Scams (ffs why does the thread title have to be + 6 characters?)

Inundated with calls in the office this morning from people who have been contacted from our office number about a claim on a car accident - people then call us to verify the number. Some sort of scam and some scammers are using our number. It’s most disconcerting and terribly inconvenient for all involved.
What’s the deal here, are the scammers trying to get people to give out bank details / underwear status over the phone? Judging by the amount of calls we’re getting, most people seem live to what to do.

Yeah but it only takes one poor auld wan for them to make off like bandits. It’s a high margin industry.

My suggestion to the team that we verify the number to callers and then take their bank account details was summarily rejected, which was awfully disappointing.
Not to mind, I took myself into the boardroom to answer calls and am currently transferring $17642 to my own account.

The fuckers just called us now, hung up when put through to me.