Scott brown

I have changed my mind about him.

Yes he can be a bit loose with a few passes and be inconsistant but those things are me mental things overall he has the ability.

No he is not as good as some of our previous midfield generals but I think he can do a job for us! a good one too


Scat Brown.

Brown Scat


You are entitled to change your mind ncc. What i’ve seen of him was he was a decent player in a poor league.

:lol: :lol:

A poor man’s Morten Wieghorst.

still shite


I’m having a problem with people not using words on here I dont understand the smilies

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Of course he is. He thinks Aiden McGeady fought in the 1916 Rising even though he’s actually scottish and of course was 70 odd years late for it…

19:16 is the time McGeady was born I’m sure