Scottish Cup Semi Final

Another insipid Celtic performance. St Johnstone deserved a replay perhaps:

Boruc: 6 - Might have done better for the goal.

Caldwell: 5 - Poor distribution, not a right back.
Pressley: 5 - Neither dominant in the air or on the ground.
McManus: 5 - Could have prevented the goal. A few other lapses also.
Naylor: 7 - Superb on the cover, full of guts too. Not as good going forward as in the 1st half of the season.

Nakamura: 5 - Never got a grip on things, no real influence on the game.
Lennon: 5 - Played deep and made the odd tackle. Offered nothing in an attacking sense.
Hartley: 5 - See Lennon except replace ‘nothing’ with ‘little’.
McGeady: 6 - A couple of good runs and attempts. Lost the ball a lot also though.

Vennegoor of Hesselink: 7 - Did well for both goals, in particular the header which was excellent.
Riordan: 6 - Linked up the play well on occasion and made some clever passes and runs.

Miller: 5 - The crowd booed when he was brought on for Riordan after 65 mins. It was nothing against Miller (this time) but Riordan was one of the few outfield players having a decent game.
Gravesen: 6 - Replaced Naka after 78 mins with Hartley moving to the right hand side and offered more from midfield in those 12 minutes than either Lennon or Hartley did all game. Walked straight off the pitch after the final whistle without shaking hands with anybody and totally blanked Strachan who was standing on the edge of the pitch greeting the players.

It’s too easy to say it’s been a long season and to blame poor pitches etc. Celtic should be, and need to be, far better than this. >:D