Seán Kelly M.E.P

Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly has said employer demands for passwords to social media sites such as Facebook should be outlawed.

He said some employers are seeking password information to vet what prospective employees are saying on their private social media sites.

Mr Kelly has warned such requests should be banned and that employers are getting away with this practice at the moment because jobs are scarce.

He said people did not want to risk jeopardising an employment opportunity by refusing to give details of their social media sites.

“Even if they do give their passwords, they should ask themselves 'Do I really want to be employed by a person (who would ask for my password)?.. There has to be an element of decency and respect (between employer and employee,” he said.

Meanwhile, facebook has issued a reminder to its customers about what information is visible on their timeline, after controversy when customers worldwide complained facebook had made public their private messages.

The company insisted it had not done so, saying it was most likely customers had not realised how much of their material was public.

Facebook is informing their one billion customers about by email about a number of changes, including changed to its data use policy, and its feedback policy.

The data use policy covers the way that facebook collects and uses data.

Who the fuck would give an employer their facebook password?


What kind of fucker would ask?

most fellas on here wouldn’t but you’d be surprised how many would cave in

I have never heard of that.
Maybe he has it wrong and the employer demands the person add someone from the company as a friend so they can see their likes, latest posts etc… Even that is wrong.

Asking for the password is incredibly wrong.
And most people probably still only use the one password for everything so they are giving up their password to EVERYTHING.

I’d say Sean Kelly has things arseways as per usual and probably has got some half arsed story he overheard muddled in his head and is just trying to get his bearded mug in the paper again.

Grandstanding Kelly obviously has alot of his mind. No one gives a shit Sean.

In fairness the voters of Munster did the country a great service packing this bollix off to Strasbourg from where he can play no part in the day to day affairs of this State.


this is like Rockos hero Michael Kennedys crusdae against the Lock-Hards

In fairness to Kelly there was something in the paper a few days ago about employers demanding passwords for new employees.


yerra he’s a good solid Kirry GAA sshhtalwart

Kennedy was a misunderstood hero. Lacked the charisma of GV maybe but he’s a decent sort.