Sean St Ledger

couldnt get a taxi to town yesterday-he thumbed a lift & when the guy giving him a lift recognised him he asked ledger would he say hello to his mates son- st ledger went to the mates house- signed loads of photos & brought the guy that gave him a lift into town for a pint

FAI pissing on bogballers & west brits

Definition of an alright sort :clap:

Respect to Sean Ledger. I must admit that the Irish Squad come across as a bunch of alright sorts.

:clap: Where was he after crawling out I wonder :ph34r:

Sean St. Ledger? This is a a person…

Couldn’t get a taxi…in Dublin ???


do you not even know what county you live in??

your some shit eating tard

Hence why I wondered where he was crawling out of. No phone to call anyone, no idea where he was…

Every comment TASE makes smacks of a fella that suffers from an inferiority complex and has some kind of a persecuted feel about it.As if he is not appreciated in his own land so he decides like a child to throw his toys out of the pram.Can you imagine what Christmas must be like in his household?

Cheer the fuck up mate.

Another fishy for The All Seeing Eye.

Tase would hardly have made this up. All he’d have to do is produce one of the signed photos to show it’s not bullshit…

What a ridiculous comment.

as the GGA has officially said that academic ahievement goes agianst the ethos of the GGA then that comment is understandable

Its just tiresome at this stage.If he wants to wind up people for the sake of it he is even sadder than I thought.I mean why not do something constructive with your time.Maybe its time for a bit of introspection on his part or maybe he is going through a midlife crisis and I am being too harsh.Anyway always look on the bright side of life TASE.Swings and roundabouts and all of that.

i dont like the GGA- i dont like there bigotry- i dont like the way they find academic achievement contrary to their aims- ill continue to fight the good fight

You had to bring that up again didn’t you :lol:

Ah Tase, will you stop saying academic achievement in posts with such glaring typos

You’re the ultimate closet GGA fan mate. It’s ok to admit it y’know.
Soccer people won’t think any less of you if you do.

Sledger is most definitely an alright sort.

That is the only reason to wind people up.

some people just don’t get the art of ball hopping