Serie A 2018/19


Are Sassuolo worth lumping on today? 12/5 to win at home against a Higuain-less AC Milan seems like it’s worth a few quid


Hope he goes to Juve. He’ll learn nothing at Dortmund.


He’ll learn less with the Juve reserves


To be fair, Mandzukic is the only real no. 9 Juve have and I’d imagine he’d get plenty of game time with Juve until the season’s end as the league is looking over already and the CL is the big ambition this year.

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Some Mickey Mouse league. Eight in a row chasing Juventus after just 7 games, 6 points clear of 2nd places Napoli and 8 points ahead of 3rd places teams.


Spurs got beaten by one of the sides from that Mickey Mouse league a couple of weeks back, ergo Spurs are a Mickey Mouse team.

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Odd that you get so hot and bothered about what you perceive to me an uncompetitive Derry Senior Football Championship because Slaughtneil won a 4 in a row last year but don’t have any comment to make on how Italy is now reduced to Mickey Mouse status with 8 in a row all but in the bag after 7 games.


Thanks for informing us that Spurs are a Mickey Mouse team.


Your obsession with Tottenham Hotspur knows no bounds. There’s so little to discuss about the procession to 8 in a row, you’re now just talking about Tottenham in the Serie A thread.


I’m just making some observations about your views on Spurs mate, it’s not my problem that you’re so conflicted on the matter.


Odd that all you want to do on the Serie A thread is talk about Spurs.


I’m just making observations on your critiques, they don’t seem to be one bit balanced.

All I said is that if you think Serie A is a Mickey Mouse league you must think Spurs are a Mickey Mouse team by your logic.


You proclaimed a week into the season that Serie A was the greatest league in the world. Very odd claim about a mickey mouse leaue with 8 in a row all but wrapped up after 7 games.


You seem to be doing everything you can to avoid applying your logic to Spurs.

To be fair Juve have really had to work so far, Ronaldo is also finding Serie A very difficult. Juve have a goal difference of +11 after 7 games, Man CIty have a goal difference of +21 after 7 games. Serie A is certainly more competitve and English clubs keep failing in Europe.


2 champions league winners from EPL in last 10 years. No Italians in that period.


Oh look, it’s the barstool EPL fanboy.

Both those wins by English teams were by a method Boycott deems a lottery system.


Italian clubs keep failing in Europe. Internazionale the last Italian club to lift the Euopean Cup back in 2010. Juventus since then have added two more onto their haul of biggest tog fillers in European Football. 7 European Cup final losses from 9 final appearances.


Still wins, no asterisks


Boycott deems those as asterisks.


Italian clubs have a better coefficient than English clubs in recent years.