Serie A Fantasy Football League

Would there be sufficient interest for me to create one?

I would be interested

how many more would we need. Going by last year’s Serie A and AC Milan thread Rocko. Rintintin, Bandage & Gman would also be interested

Don’t think there is any actual limit needed, just wondering if many would be interested before setting up.

If we can get 10 that would be fantastic.

I’ll do so more research into it now and post up details, 2 weeks now until Serie A kicks off which gives us plenty of time.

Only site I found still doing a reasonable looking league is here -

The drawback is they are looking it’s $50 for a 10 member league, which I’m not keen on.

Anyone know what other sites run one?

ESPN, Yahoo & Football Italia seem to have discontinued their leagues.

I have the means of hosting one here if someone could be arsed typing in the scores every week which is unlikely.

Only other option I can see is: but it’s all in Italian.