Serie A Thread

Looks like Sarri has been sacked.

Pochettino the favourite to replace him. The Sarri appointment was bizarre last year but replacing him with a guy who has never won a trophy is an even more bizarre move.

Would Conte be an option?

Pochettino will probably eventually make them good if he’s given time but I think they’ll lose the title next season if they get him

Did they really need to get rid of Allegri last year?

He came across really well in the Netflix Series a few years ago.

It would be a backwards move for Conte. Inter are a club on the up, Juve are regressing.

This is friction between Conte and the Inter board though.

I’m not sure if they got rid of Allegri per se but he is a fantastic manager and Juve looked a lot poorer this season under Sarri.


I thought he left of his own accord?

Is anyone angling for Allegri? Assume inter will make a run for him if Conte walks

A real chance for Poch to finally win a trophy

Even when Sarri wins a trophy he gets sacked. Serie A some joke league now. Winning it means fuck all

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Inter linked today but apparently they are still paying their last manger. If they sacked conte they’d keep paying him as well.

I think conte knows he’s in a strong position.

Allegri was linked with arsenal and man united during the season.

Sarri officially gone. Tough on him as he has done respectable jobs in the last two years but his style of football is probably more suited to a club where he can build the side in his very niche/rigid* style of football and expectations aren’t as high.

*the football his teams produce isn’t really rigid and is easy on the eye when in full flow but his style of man agent seems to be.

Juve’s recent tactic of stockpiling free agent mercanaries doesn’t lend itself to a group orientated manager like Poch. we saw how he was exposed once Spurs players downed tools

Juve’s midfield is very ordinary. I like Bentancur and I think Arthur will be good but other than they are either over the hill (Matuidi and Khedira) or one paced and don’t offer enough (Ramsey and Rabiot).

I’m not so sure that’s true. Juventus have 30 or 40 forty players on loan. They’ve a few fantastic young players as well.

What are your thoughts on Dejan Kulusevski?

Certainly looks to have plenty of potential.

Juve are grand at the back, Bonucci and Chiellini are getting on but they have Demiral and De Ligt there who are young and are have lots of potential. Midfield and attack needs an overhaul though.

They’ve your man Romero on loan as well. Also you have the left back from Roma gone on loan too I think?

Mourinho would be perfect for juve now. He’d turn that midfield and defence into a serious unit. Sell dybala for huge money and find two nippy wingers to service Ronaldo.

Poch will break the whole team up and lose a final in four years time and people will think he’s done a great job.

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They have to break the team up. They had their lowest points total of all their 9 in a row winning teams and out of the CL for the second year in a row to a club much smaller than themselves in resources