Serie A Thread

For Diego

Some statement win.

Kvara & Osimhen are ridiculously good.

Lazio taking Milan asunder tonight.

Napoli will be 12 points clear at the half way stage.

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The price of the flights out of Dublin to Naples for the final home game are gone through the roof

3 points between 5 teams going for the CL places and Juve aren’t one of them. Serie A is getting good again

They were deducted 15 points

Naples is class. I’d say a game there would be incredible

Milan 4-1 down at home to Sassuolo.

Divock Origi Just scored to take the gloss off the score line for Sassuolo.
5-2 now.

Hon Diego. Napoli back in front v Roma

Napoli’s win last night has them 18 points clear.
Some consistency from them this season. Just 7 points dropped after 23 games.


Kvaratskhelia is a special talent just scored a beautiful goal there turned the defence inside out.

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Himself and Osimhen are on fire. Would love to see them go deep in the Champions League

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He is sensational.


I’m gonna have a shnakey poke on them outright at 7s with no domestic title race to concentrate on now, they will take beating in this form.

Big value now

Napoli are purring

It’s coming home

Milan go one up in Stadio Diego

AC smashing them.

Probably has more relevance for next year’s league

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