Setanta Cup

Some huge wins for the Eircom League sides tonight:

Cork won 7-0 in Portadown and St Pat’s won 5-0 at home to Dungannon. Drogheda beat Glentoran 2-0 but Linfield came back from 2 down to draw 2 all at Derry.

Why the fk couldn’t Pat’s do that last week when I had my last 50euro in my betfair account on them? Fkin scum.

What’s the point of that comment? Why this obsession with English football Raven. This is Irish soccer we’re talking about - it might not make the big screen in your beloved bars in Malahide but it’s important to the rest of us. Nobody cares about Kevin Pressman - he’s a nobody at this level.

Bohs finally take the lead against Linfield. Flicked over to this at half time in the EPL and it’s been a good watch.

Not sure who the vice commentator is but he keeps accusing Bohs players of diving when they’re getting kicked.


A glimpse of what TFK used to be like before NCC crawled up Flanos hole.

What station is match on? Nout on Setanta

It’s over now. It was on Setanta Sports 1.

Bohs got the winner with about 5 minutes to go.