Settling the score

I want to take a couple of moments to tell people what’s what before i go:

Bandage: I feel our relationship has been difficult lately. Having previously got on so well with our anti orange banter, we have fallen out over my anti black banter. I think its time to go back to the real you and not to be so worried about the media. Also i think you have taken a back seat on the forum and Rocko is running riot with the website. Bandage, why dont you answer my texts?

Rock: Its time for you to get over yourself. To be honest, this website is weak at best and only for the odd change of colour and font, this website is as dry and pathetic as ever. The usual inane conversation still persists: “Did you see that match?” “Yes, mate. It was a great match” “Dont know if i would say it was a great match. Hey does anybody know what a great match is?” “No” “Really? Its friday, anybody going to the pub” “No.”

I resent that you decide what i can and cannot say. What gives you the right to do this? Who are ye anyway? Where do you work? ASK MY GIANT ROUND PURPLE BOLLIX.

Fingal: You dont even deserve to be acknowledged

You can all ram this fuckin website up your bleeding arses

why acknowledge me then?

Ill give ye a Karma for that fingal!

gerrardno1 wrote:

Ill give ye a Karma for that fingal!

Which one?