Sexism Towards Women attempting to Play Sport

I was watching The Sunday Game last night with my housemates and it featured the All-Ireland Camogie Semi Finals. One of them (Jugs) completely disgusted me with his sexist comments and we very nearly came to blows. Why can’t certain people just accept that these hairy dykes have as much right to play sport as men? Some of the things he said were unacceptable and downright disgraceful:

‘There’s 30 of these hounds on the pitch and I bet at least 26 of them have minges. There might be one normal fanny but definitely no pussy between the lot of them. The fooking state of them.’

‘Since when did they make the ball they use softer? Last time I watched this crap nobody could hit it more than 20 yards.’ - after a Tipperary forward pointed from the sideline.

‘Imagine being the janitor cleaning up the showers after these beasts. Their hairy gees must completely block up the plug hole.’

‘Good wrist work there - probably from practising on her cock the week before the game.’

I was horrified.

Good man jugs.


You’ve yer “ism’s” confused baby

Stephanie might help you out

They’re all lovely girls.

It’s funny the way the ‘keepers in birds’ sports are always the worst players on the park. Some of them are absolutely atrocious. I’ll never forget watching The Sunday Game a few years back and they were showing camogie quarter or semis and the Limerick 'keeper was wearing a black bomber jacket in goal 'cos it was raining. Tremendous stuff.

That’s a superb bit of analysis from Jugs,razor sharp unlike the lesbolians ladyshaves.

Bandage will be pleased to hear the Camogie Cships was launched recently. Galway and Limerick have my vote so far

Deirdre Murphy (Clare), Aoife O’Connor (Wexford), Aisling Connolly (Galway), Amanda O’Regan (Cork), Louise O’Hara (Dublin), Deirdre Fitzpatrick (Limerick), Geraldine Kinane (Tipperary)

Not all bad to be honest but some of those need to be aborted.

I dont think much of Miss Clare, but that Galway wan is fair dapper bless her.

:thumbsup: I know my county colours :stuck_out_tongue:

Wexford wan is former Rose of Tralee contestant and the current Mrs. Skippy Ruth

Ah, thats skippys bit? So thats the unit that held up his honeymoon because she had to play a bit of camogie?

Has skippy gotten his balls back yet?

Galway bird wins that hands down.

We all know what they do with those hurls in the locker room afterwards.

Stick sticks flano, jaysus…

It looks like some of them were trying to eat them actually.

Tis a fine “grip” the Dublin wan has…

yours etc,

Miss Connolly is a niece of Joe Connolly, 1980 Galway winning captain.

As me aul lad would say, an ounce of breeding is worth a ton of feeding.