Shakin' Stevens

Im listening his Xmas song at the moment, its fookin class. It might be the best Xmas song ever?

Also do people consider songs that are number one at Xmas, as Xmas songs. Ie do you think that “mad world” is a Xmas song - i dont, its shceidt. To be a Xmas song the song should actually refer to Xmas… are you listening VHI, (oh no i sound like ben dunne)

Snow is falling, shooby dooby, dooby do wop-wop, all around me, shooby dooby, dooby do wop-wop

What about Stay be East 17? Doesn’t have any Chrismtas lyrics (does it?) but it has bells and stuff in the background to give it a Christmas feel.

fair enough it has bells, but it still doesnt have that authenitic Christmas feel. bells might qualify if you had that shuffling noise that the sleigh make too, but bells on their own i dont think so.

also i dont consider “spaceman came travelling” an Xmas song do you? and if so why

I dont consider ‘A Spaceman came travelling’ a song never mind a Christmas song

Have to admit to being a huge fan of Shakin’ Stevens ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’. It is what every Christmas song wants to be - the line ‘we’re gonna have a party tonight’ floors me everytime

I love most of those Christmas numbers. Band Aid of course is the classic (I hate Geldof btw). Slade and Wizzard are tacky as fuck but some up what Christmas is all about - particularly when youre a kid. Wham is there as well. Walking in the Air is fucking brilliant, as is White Christmas and the Nat King Cole number about Christmas

Fairytale of New York is oft quoted as the best Christmas song ever - I dont necessarily think of it as associating with Christmas - its just one of the best songs ever.

My favourite Christmas song of all is ‘Oh Holy Night’ - incredible stuff. I know its a carol but its still fantastic

I think Merry Xmas is world class. they played it in Diceys last thursday and i was up bopping away. did you ever dance to something and get some much pleasure that you want to dance harder and harder and you feel you are going to explode. that was me on thursday, before i ran to the jacks to get sick…

I think Whizzard and Band Aid and Slade are fookin headwrecking songs (although i do like the way he sings the last line in “I wish it could be Xmas…”; you know at the very end where the music stops and he just sings “why dont you give yoooooooooour love aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttt Christmas” - i would nearly mistake it for a good song at that point).

Love Fairytale, would agree that it would be a contender for one of the best songs ever, although when i am gambling and drinking my ass of in vegas in high summer its not exactly a song i would listen to, iykwim.

Interesting point re Holy Night. The purpose of the thread was really to focus on commerical Xmas songs, but to quote the great Assistant Distric Attorney Michael Stone from Law and Order: “The law should at all times be stable, but never inflexible” (poetic), so should this thread. I too love some of the classics, i must give you a lend or send you the mp3’s of a guy called Mario Lanza, singing all the classic “carrolls,” its pretty powerful stuff even though it was recorded in the 40’s

Greg Lake - I believe in Father Christmas. Brilliant crimbo number.

And of course Slade

iiiiiiiiiiiitttttttssssssssssss Chhhhhhrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaatttttttsssssss

Anyone bought that Surfjan Stevens Christmas album yet? It’s supposed to be a belter.

There’s no way that you can find Band Aid headwrecking - its fantastic. It starts off kind of weird, just that drum pounding and gradually breaks into a classic sing-a-long number. Not only is it a great Christmas song but it is a great song full stop. The way it bulids is incredible. I love the bit at the end where they sing ‘Feed the wooooorlllld’ and then the little bell comes in. And then they sing again ‘Feed the wooorrrlld - LET THEM KNOW ITS CHRISTMAS TIME’ and then it repeats to fade

I for one do not believe that Geldof had any part in the song - it was all Midge Ure

At Christmas time it’s hard - but when you’re having fuuuuun

I want to go on the beer now

does he work in abbra kebabra?

does he work in abbra kebabra?

Pretty sure I saw a Surfjan in the one on O’Connell street on friday night.

That’s probably him so. Good spot Flano.

Anybody got the David Hasselhoff christmas album “Night Before Christmas”.
I’d say its a gem. Such classics as “White Christmas”, “Oh Holy Night” among others

Picked up most of his back catelogue over the last few months but have had to pull back on my discretionary spending of late.